Physiotherapists at ProActive are highly trained in the latest evidence-based practice, skilled assessment and diagnosis of sports injuries, and use effective ‘hands-on’ management techniques and exercise protocols to assist recovery and prevent future injury. Providing education, strategies and resources to speed recovery, prevent future problems and improve performance is at the heart of our patient care.  

Athletes place a high demand on their body to perform at a high level, which stresses their muscles, joints and bones to the limit.  ProActive’s physiotherapists employ a meticulous approach to ensure the muscles, joints and bones are functioning ideally; not only preventing further injury but allowing athletes to compete at their best.


Our practitioners pride themselves on investigating the underlying reasons for the patient’s physical impairment. Through an extensive evaluation, from analysis of the body’s movement patterns to looking at all aspects of the athlete’s lifestyle, our practitioners seek to detect and correct the cause of the problem. In the sports world, the best injury is the one that never happened.

Our team utilize a variety of treatment approach to best address myofascial and neuro-musculoskeletal concerns. Treatment techniques are chosen based on clinical experience and best available evidence. The focus? It’s simple. Function!

The following is a sample of the various techniques utilized;

  • Active Release
  • Graston
  • Adjustive techniques/Mobilization
  • Functional Movement Analysis
  • Orthopaedic/Function Testing
  • Individualized Rehabilitative/Exercise Programs
  • Taping/Bracing procedures

Massage Therapy

Our Registered Massage Therapists specialize in the therapeutic manipulation of the body’s soft tissues to promote healing. They utilize a detailed evaluation and hands on techniques to evaluate and eliminate muscular tension and chronic irritation that ultimately leads to myofascial fibrosis.

There are so many benefits to massage.  Used to help prevent injuries, prepare the body for athletic activity and maintain it in optimal condition, help recover from workouts and injuries, improve blood and lymph circulation, enhance recovery time from acute and chronic injuries, are just a few of the many benefits. 

Our team of massage therapists are fully committed to devoting their passion, knowledge and expertise to exceed your health care needs.

Sports Medicine

Specializing in the treatment of athletes and other physically active individuals, ProActive’s sports specialist physician has extensive education in musculoskeletal medicine. As an integral part of our health care team, our physician treats injuries such as muscle, ligament, tendon and bone problems, but may also treat chronic illnesses that can affect physical performance. Providing access to advanced imaging and specialized medical services, we are well-positioned to expertly address all our patient’s health concerns.

Note: Sports Medicine care is Affiliate Care. In order to gain priority access to Dr. Elana Taub, Specialist in Family and Sport Medicine, patients must be examined by a health professional at ProActive CSWU. We will then expedite the referral process for the patient. Patients will be contacted by Dr. Taub’s office ASAP to schedule an appointment.

For more information on Sports Medicine care, please inquire within.

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